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I will outline a complete nutrition program based on your needs. I will provide you with a complete daily meal plan with options, and adjusted accordingly with the results you are getting. I also recommend daily supplement regime. 


Before I begin developing your own personal nutrition plan, we must realize that nature prefers the status quo. You can most definitely change your body, but no matter what some media guru tells you, there are no 30-minute, sit-com solutions or even 12-week total transformations. Yes, although some few people may experience a miracle in 30 days not me or any of my clients have.  The other issue is these quick fixed as I call them, do not promote long term success and many people seem to go right back to the weight they were to begin with.


Many trainers, on sheer personality alone, seem to sell most people they meet on the fantasy of the easy way out.  In my experience, and from many others I know, you simply cannot change your body in a major way with an in-home 30 minute workout tape.  Not without all the other ingredients. For example, how many of you reading this right now have one or more workout tapes or DVDs collecting dust somewhere?  Does your library contain one or more books on diets?  I bet they do.  But guess what YOURE STILL TRYING!  Much of the current fitness industry thrives on individual hopes and dreams for life altering changes. 


What, how much, and when to eat can be very confusing because it takes time to get to know yourself.  As an individual, your body will respond differently than anyone else to training, diet and supplements. You will be amazed at what you discover about yourself. You need to view this as a long-term project and lifestyle change.


Based on your goals and your individual body assessment, I will design a nutritional program specifically for you. This program will allow you to achieve your desired goals.  Share with me the foods you like and the foods you dislike so I can design a program to which you will enjoy and follow.  Also remember, a plan is useless if you dont follow it.


You need to eat all the food assigned to you for each meal. Ask questions freely and do not change your diet without consulting me. Please call me as often as is necessary to ask questions, get advice, or for some support. I am here for you!


The nutritional lifestyle plan is designed to enable your body to burn fat. Eating every 3 hours, and following a high protein diet will speed up your metabolism. This will allow your body to maintain a lower amount of body fat and a higher amount of muscle tissue. Common habits, or as a I call mistakes, such as skipping breakfast, eating 1-3 large meals per day and eating before bed all condition the body to accumulate body fat and break down muscle tissue.


This nutritional lifestyle plan is just that - a lifestyle. It is not meant to be temporary measure, but a permanent adjustment to your eating habits. You shouldn't stop following the nutritional plan and return to your old habits because your body will revert to its previous state.


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