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Think all starts in your mind


The mind is a powerful thing. I'm sure you've all heard that one. What you might not have heard is that when the mind is applied in a positive way miracles can happen. Simply put, everything starts in the mind. Ever wonder why someone can try and quit smoking 20 times in a row while trying every drug, patch, and gadget and others just stop? It's the mind! The reason why some people could just stop is because they made a conscious decision, and they were passionate and convinced about the result. You'd be surprised how many people make (voice) decisions while not truly buying into them 100%. Have you ever made a decision where in the back of your mind you had even a shred of doubt? I have. If you're like most people, you had too. Some doubt will lead to possible short-lived success, while more doubt will simply lead to nothing. You're better off not even bothering.


The good news is that your mind can be trained. Most of us are born with the essential operating functions of the brain that can think, imagine, and visualize images in our minds. Well, that's all you need to begin. If I asked you to picture yourself physically as perfect to you, could you? Could you even allow yourself to see You with that great body of health or would you immediately visualize a model or celebrity you admire? If you can't picture yourself the doubt is there and needs to be removed. You need to have that inner motivation, confidence, and faith that you will have the body and health you desire. Do what it takes to get your mind to that place of faith!  


You must forget past attempts at your perfect body of health. Reliving failed attempts at getting into shape is like getting cut, getting stitches, and cutting yourself again! Its that damaging. If you continue to relive past failures, then you will without doubt associate any new attempts to failure. Whether consciously or subconsciously theres the doubt. There is the seed of failure being planted again. You can't get off the treadmill, until you jump! Hope of succeeding is only part of the equation. Hope will get you started, but faith will carry you to your goal.


I'd like to suggest reprogramming! Listen, I'm no Psychiatrist, but I'll bet anything that anyone who thinks or says, I gain weight easily, will do just that. Oh, my parents were big, so I guess it runs in the family. I don't buy it! Maybe it runs in the family because instead of growing up eating fruits and vegetables you watched your parents eat pizza and down beer! Of course fat will run in the family, who are you learning from. I don't buy its biochemistry related to large parents, rather I choose to believe its mentally related to what we see and are exposed to growing up. You have the choice of being your own person, the choice to believe what you want to, and the power to enforce control over your own mind. No one anywhere could take that away from you. It's your one true source of power.  

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