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About Me


Hi everyone!


Thanks for visiting my website. I’m certified by The International Sports Sciences Association as a Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist. These certifications are the most prestigious in the industry and it qualifies me to work with virtually any individual wishing to improve their lifestyle. Thats right, its a lifestyle. One of the very reasons why 95% of people cannot lose weight and keep it off is because they do not commit to a lifestyle, they just diet. The problem with this common, yet non-effective approach, is that many may have some success initially, but when the diet is over, the weight comes back.  


I have over 15 years of in-depth experience with virtually every type of client and every form of exercise, but most of my clients say that my greatest asset is my ability to motivate and inspire people. I pay close attention to my client’s needs and stay with them at every rep. I am available to you not only during your sessions, but at all times to talk about your diet and routine’s progress. I specialize in women’s fitness and nutrition, muscle building, muscle toning, weight loss, core strength, posture correction, pregnancy fitness, youth and senior fitness, obesity and I take pride in creating results that make you feel and look better. I was also figure competitor and winner of Miss Figure America 2006. I can help you get ready for your next competition.


After reviewing your evaluation and discussing any relevant physical conditions you may have, I will design your personal fitness and nutritional program for you! The most important is for you to visualize how your want your body to look. I encourage you to have a picture of someone who’s physical appearance you admire. This will help you visualize and motivate you. This is an important tool in changing your body and lifestyle, food choices, and determination.


You are about to begin on a fabulous journey that will change your lifestyle and health for the better. Welcome to prolonging your life and looking and feeling sexier than ever! 


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