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If you live near West Los Angeles, you can take advantage of training with me in my private gym. Click on Personal Training Button to find out more about it.


Even If you don't live near me, you can still take advantage of my Life changing programs by participating in my online training. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or you are just ready to live a healthier lifestyle, you can take advantage of one of these online programs. Click on Online Training Button to get more information and buy my programs.




The food, or fuel you provide your body with can literally make or break your efforts. Many competitive athletes say their diets contribute to at least 50% to their success, and many consider the percentage to be even higher. Click on Nutrition Button and find more about it.

Organic Protein Ice Cream & Shakes


Almost everone loves ice cream; that's the fact. But you're on a diet, and ussually ice cream include milk, sugar, fat, preservatives, a lot of bad calories, right? Well, we have good news! Now you can have a completely healthy, guilt-free ice  cream that can support your dietor even replace your meal. ProtéineLA ice cream and shakes includes USDA certified organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, vegan or whey protein, and probiotic. And the're delicious, organic, raw, and carefully made to order. No preservatives, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners. ProtéineLA - freshly made ice cream and shakes!

ProtéineLA - the name of a good habit!

Think all starts in your mind!

Despite the best intentions, half of all people who take up new exercise programs drop by the wayside within six months. Click on Coaching Button and check out how to use power of your mind to stick to your program and change your lifestyle once for all.

Check out my competition and winning 2006 Ms. Figure Muscle Beach International Classic in Venice Beach, CA and winning 2006 Ms. Figure America. I can help you prepare for your next contest, from helping you with posing to choosing your perfect bikini.
Discover world of great  products and supplaments
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