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    "Before I started Lejla's program, I was working 9 to 6, and being a couch potatoe at night. I had no energy to do anything else. I tried every diet imaginable, and I still kept gaining weight.

That was before Lejla showed me that "diets" do not work! You have to change your lifestyle! I was eating wrong and I was thinking wrong. Lejla showed me you can't get thin if you keep thinking fat thoughts!

With this program I thought I may only lose some weight... but I got so much more! I have more energy, better focus, better health, and a more organized life! I learn to make food choices that I love!

I've tried other trainers before... Lejla's style and motivation is unlike anyone. She is truly unique in her methods and coaching. Lejla made working out and eating right... EASY! After my program with Lejla, I can't live without it! I've stayed on to her Advanced Program to go even further. Thank you Lejla for helping me LOVE MYSELF AGAIN!!!" - Jelena, Los Angeles




   "I never have I been worked so hard in my life!  Having trained year round all my life & performed on the collegiate and international water polo competition levels I thought my first day with Lejla would be a breeze... whoa was I wrong! In 4 weeks I started to see new muscles I never even knew existed and in 6 I barely recognized myself in the mirror. I originally set out for a 6 week program but the results are just too good to quit.  Lejla knows exactly what fuels me mentally and physically and I always leave the gym feeling like I can take on the world, it’s a total mind and body experience!"

Rob, Los Angeles & NYC




    "Thanks goes to my Nutritionist/ Personal Trainer Lejla who taught me without the proper Diet, it is all just waste of time. Contact her if you are serious about getting in shape."

Damir, Photographer, Los Angeles



    "I have been working with Lejla for almost 8 years. When we met, I had weight issues which I battled for most of my life. I was on and off numerous diets that did not work for me on the long run. I am very active person, since I am a horse trainer, but even my lifestyle did not help me lose all that extra weight. With Lejla I lost almost 60 lb ...and I kept it off all this time. She is an amazing trainer, that knows her craft, from nutrition to the exercises. She makes all of her clients work very hard, she pushes them and stays with them every step of the way. She does not let you quit, and she encourages you when you hit the bottom. She did not only make me lose weight, but she made my body look toned. I lost so much weight and I had lots of skin hanging, but she found the way to make me look tight  again. I look and feel better then I did 20 years ago. I am FOREVER thankful to Lejla for never giving up on me, even when I was bitching and complaining and threatening to quit. THANK YOU for being there for me!!!"  

Annette Osterlund, Equestrian Trainer, Hidden Hills, CA



    "In just 8 weeks Lejla has transformed my body! 12 of us girls signed up for the body by Lejla challenge. Change of diet and hard workout! Thanks you so much Lejla!! The girls look absolutely incredible."

Sarah Karges, Actress and Model, Los Angeles

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